It's a wrap up! Get to know the finalists and winning projects!

General Information

Computer vision is a scientific discipline of artificial intelligence that has recently made huge progress and opened opportunities in many domains. For example, autonomous vehicles, UAVs, smart cities, disaster monitoring, and surveillance systems.

The Bolivian Catholic University 'San Pablo', with the support of Google AI, launched the program Bootcamp: Computer Vision for the SDGs , from 24 March to 29 June, 2022. From 300 applications, 60 were chosen to further their knowledge in computer vision and artificial intelligence.


  • Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 19:00 to 21:15 → Theory and practice
  • Tuesdays, from 19:00 to 20:30 → Resolution of Excercises and Doubts (Optional)

Bootcamp content

  • All .ipynb notebooks and materials are available in the following Github repository. Material


  • Monday, 28 February, 08:00 hrs Opening of the Application Form

    Call for applications starts

  • Lunes 14 de Marzo, 23:59 hrs Closing of Application Form

    Closing of call

  • Friday, 18 March, 15:00 hrs Notification to selected applicants

    Sending emails to selected applicants

  • Thursday, 24 March, 19:00 hrs - 21:15 hrs Start of the Bootcamp

    Introductory session of the program.

  • Thursday, 14 July, 19:00 hrs - 21:15 hrs End of Bootcamp (Demo Day)

    Presentation of projects and awards for the best proposals.

About Image

Computer Vision

  • Computer Vision for the Sustainable Development

    Expanding the number of computer vision projects aimed at sustainable development goals could lead to the generation of better ideas and solutions that take advantage of this technology, and in this way positively impact the lives of all Bolivians.

  • From Image Processing to Deep Learning

    The main objective is that the participants acquire the necessary skills to implement computer vision systems that can be scalable and that serve as an example so that others can replicate them taking advantage of open code and data.

  • Open to all public

    The Bootcamp is designed for developers, researchers, final semester students, and professionals to form teams and work collaboratively on a technological solution that applies computer vision to a problem related to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Edwin Salcedo


Christian Conchari

Teaching Assistant

Ana Martinez

Teaching Assistant



Best Individual Mark

A Huawei Mate Pad T 8-inch Tablet with 16 Gb of storage


Best Group Project

Four 8-inch Huawei Mate Pad T Tablets with 16 Gb storage


Google AI

Artificial intelligence company

Google AI is a division of Google dedicated to artificial intelligence. It was announced at Google I/O 2017 by CEO Sundar Pichai.

Bolivian Catholic University 'San Pablo'

La Paz Academic Unit

UCB is the only university certified in Bolivia by QS Stars, with an excellent teaching staff and the best conditions to provide the best teaching service.

Mechatronics Engineering

UCB La Paz

The mechatronic engineer seeks to design, develop and manage technology solutions that seek synergy between mechanical areas, electronics, systems and control. So they has great chances of applying their knowledge and skills in generating Tech Solutions


Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

The Chevening Scholarships is an international award that fully sponsors the best professionals with leadership capactities in 144 countries to study a master's in the United Kingdom

FAQ - Frequent Questions & Answers

What is HackCities about?

HackCities is an initiative focused on developing research and training programs on the latest technologies to propose solutions to the biggest problems in Bolivia.

What is a bootcamp?

It is an intensive training program of 2 to 3 months where participants acquire skills in relevant and current technology through the development of practical activities and projects.

Is the program only for La Paz?

No, the program is open to anyone residing in Bolivia.

Does the program include a certificate?

Yes, certificates will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the program and with a grade greater than 50%.

I am in the initial/intermediate semesters of my degree. Can I participate?

Yes, applications are open to all public. However, being a fully funded program, we will consider the best applicants.

I don't have programming knowledge yet, can I participate?

Preferably, having knowledge of Python will help a lot to keep up. Programming knowledge in a current language (Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) is necessary due to the fast pace of content in the bootcamp.

I studied a career other than engineering/computer science, can I participate?

Yes, everyone is welcome to participate if they have programming knowledge. It is suggested to describe in detail your motivations to apply when submitting your applications.

What aspects will you evaluate to see if someone is eligible to participate?

All elements requested in the application form will be taken into account. It is suggested to describe in detail the motivations and objectives to learn computer vision in the motivation letter. We promote the participation of groups currently underrepresented in technology.

A little bit more about the project HackCities: Urban Innovation

HackCities: Urban Innovation is an initiative focused on developing research and training programs applying the latest technologies, to propose solutions to the major urban and rural problems in Bolivia. In the first edition of the project, two winning teams managed to obtain financing valued at $2,200 each to implement their projects. In addition, they received constant mentoring from the organizers of HackCities and the GAMLP.

You can also follow us or write us your doubts to our Facebook page. HackCities: Urban Innovation
We will publish the latest news and the results of the program through Facebook.