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Get to know the winning projects!
Project Movimakers Project Mikuna

Conference Friday, 27 March, 2020
14:30pm - 18:30pm

  • 14:30 p.m. Event launch

    Event launch

  • 14:45 p.m. Bernardo Fernandez | British Embassy in Bolivia

    Smart Cities as an urban development model

  • 15:30 p.m. Raquel Balderrama | Jalasoft

    The Jalasoft has as its main purpose to develop of the software industry in Bolivia and to support the intellectual property.

  • 16:15 p.m. Eliana Quiroz | Hivos Bolivia

    Open contracting to promote the involvement of citizens

  • 17:00 p.m. Bruno Valarezo | Kradac Ecuador

    From the SmartMobility to the SmartCity

Hackathon Saturday, 28 March 2020
Sat 28th 08:30am - Tue 31st 18:00pm

  • Saturday 09:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Hackathon launch

    Hackathon launch Challenges introduction by mentors

  • Saturday 10:00 a.m. - Tuesday 18:00 p.m. Hackathon


  • Tuesday 18:00 p.m. - 19:30 p.m. Presentation of projects by teams

    Presentation of projects by teams

  • Tuesday 19:30 p.m. - 20:30 p.m. Tuesday 19:30 p.m. - 20:30 p.m.Premiación

    Award ceremony

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  • Software, Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT for the Sustainable Development Goals

    Develop open source solutions to alleviate the main problems in La Paz, Bolivia: mobility, catastrophe risk management, public infrastructure, public spending, and win amazing prizes. The hackathon is going to start on the Saturday 28 at 09:00 hrs with the release of the challenges and the project bank.

  • We look for scalable and replicable solutions

    Specifically, we are interested in solutions that can be scalable and beneficial for our city, and that can serve as an example for others cities. These solutions should be based on open source and open data.

  • HackCities: Urban Innovation

    The invitation is open for developers, designers, researchers, students, and citizens interested in making their city a better place, can learn new technologies and develop solutions for the major problems in our city.



Best Solution in Urban Movility or Public Infrastructure

The winning team will receive a contract for $2,200 to continue with the development of their project.


Best Solution in Open Contracting

The winning team will receive a contract for $2,200 to continue with the development of their project.


Second Best Solution in Urban Movility, Public Infraestructura, or Open Contracting

BassOne Sport headphones for all team members

GIGA Sponsors


Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

The Chevening Scholarships is an international award that fully sponsors the best professionals with leadership capactities in 144 countries to study a master's in the United Kingdom


Latin America

Hivos looks for innovative solutions to persistent global problems; solutions created by people that decide to change the course of their lives

Movimiento de Integración Gastronómico Alimentario de Bolivia

MIGA Bolivia

MIGA facilitates the articulation of the actors of the gastronomic food system (producers, processors, cooks and consumers) that form networks and are capable of summoning action. These networks constitute the MOVEMENT.

MEGA Sponsors

Mechatronics Engineering

UCB La Paz

The mechatronic engineer seeks to design, develop and manage technology solutions that seek synergy between mechanical areas, electronics, systems and control. So they has great chances of applying their knowledge and skills in generating Tech Solutions

Bolivian Catholic University 'San Pablo'

La Paz Academic Unit

UCB is the only university certified in Bolivia by QS Stars, with an excellent teaching staff and the best conditions to provide the best teaching service.


Better engineers. Better software. Better solutions.

The Jala group has as its vision the development of the software industryin Bolivia and the contribution to intellectual property.



Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz

Government of the Municipality of La Paz, Capital City of the Department of La Paz - Bolivia

La Paz Bus

La Paz Bus is the massive urban bus system that operates in the city of La Paz, the seat of government of Bolivia.

A little bit more about the project HackCities: Urban Innovation

Apart from being a unique event and dealing with the pandemic restrictions, the organization of the project also guided the winning teams technically to implement their projects. There were uncountable post-hackathon meetings to match better the initial ideas and the real needs in La Paz. These meetings had the participation of the Municipal Autonomous Government of La Paz and the public transport company La Paz Bus.

Organizer team

Edwin Salcedo

Systems Engineer | Lecturer at UCB

Andrea Tapia

Business Administrator

FAQ - Frequent Questions & Answers

What is HackCities about?

HackCities will be a conference + hackathon where developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and citizens interested in making their city a better place, can meet and build technological solutions for the biggest problems in La Paz, Bolivia.

What is a hackathon?

It is a 24 or 28 hour event where developers, researchers, and students develop solutions by applying new technologies.

What happened with the winners?

The winners, the Mikuna and Movimakers teams, got their prizes after some months due to the pandemic. Mikuna team managed to implement their project at GAMLP.

You can also confirm your participation on HackCities: Urban Innovation
The conference and hackathon will take place online via Zoom due to the pandemic.